Areas of activity:

  • Ecology and genetic resources;
  • Physiology of perennial grasses and forage legumes;
  • Breeding of perennial grasses and forage legumes;
  • Plant protection;
  • Technologies for seed production of perennial grasses and forage legumes;
  • Technology of permanent grasslands;
  • Technology of temporary grasslands;
  • Grassland utilization by grazing;
  • Mechanization of grassland farming;
  • Biochemistry and feed quality, feed preservation methods;
  • Statistical analysis, simulation and modelling of grassland phenomena.

General tasks and functions of the institute are made primarily by:

Research and development activities:

a) within the National Plan for Research-Development and Innovation;
b) for carrying out sectoral plans and core programs;
c) within the international R&D programs;
d) research - development in biotechnology;
e) research - development in other natural sciences and engineering;
f) other activities of scientific research and technological development;
g) collaboration with beneficiaries from the country and abroad.

 Activities related to the research-development activity, carried out in its own field of activity:

a) participation in the elaboration of the national strategy for pastures;
b) professional training and specialization;
c) consultancy and specialized assistance;
d) editing and printing of specialized publications;
e) services;
f) technological transfer;
g) making unique and small series, within the activity of micro production;
h) activities of internal trade and import-export related to its object of activity, according to the law.