Short History

Short History

Considering the special importance that the grasslands have for the national economy, it was naturally the concern that this sector should be given due attention and integrate into the Romanian agricultural research circuit.

Thus, in 1933, within the Institute for Agronomic Research of ROMANIA (ICAR) the first investigations in grassland sciences were initiated;, and in the year 1945 within ICAR the first unit specialized in the study of pastures and forages plants was founded: Central Station for Pastures, Meadow and Forage Plants located in Halchiu, Brasov county, where researches was conducted on the fertilization and grassland utilization by grazing.

1969, it was decided establishment of CENTRAL RESEARCH STATION FOR GRASSLAND CULTIVATION MĂGURELE-BRASOV (SCCP Brașov), belonging to Brașov city;

1981, by the Decree of the State Council no. 170/1981, was established the RESEARCH -PRODUCTION INSTITUTE FOR GRASSLAND CULTIVATION (ICPCP Brașov) with four area stations: SCPCP Argeș, SCPCP Timisoara, SCPCP Jucu and SCPCP Vaslui;

2002, by Law 290/2002, the institute changes its name to the RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE FOR GRASSLAND BRAȘOV (ICDP Brașov), having the four coordinating area stations;

2009, as a result of restructuring of agricultural research, the institute has two coordinating units in its own field: SCDP Timisoara and SCDP Vaslui (Law 45/2009 and Law 72/2011).

Evoluția în timp a unităților de cercetare-dezvoltare și a zonelor de influență

Evolution in time of the R&D units and their zones of influence