Seed production of grass and forage legume Romanian varieties

Seed production of grass and forage legume Romanian varieties

The general objective:

- Higherutilization of the genetic resources of perennial grasses and  forage legumes of Romania, which currently has a very rich native genetic base, consisting of varieties and populations of plants, resistant to diseases and pests, adapted to the climatic conditions of our country.

Specific objectives:

- maintaining in cultivation of Romanian perennial grass and forage legumes varieties by vegetative multiplication and seed material;

- promoting the native varieties by making seed material necessary for the seed production of perennial grasses and forage legumes used to form different grass mixtures used to improve the grassland and /or the ecological restoration of degraded lands;


The technologies of perennial grass and  forage legume seed production, have as objectives the  choise of optimal variants for establishing the  seed lots to different species, experimental grounding of fertilization methods and crop maintenance, establishing phases and harvesting methods. The technologies developed by the institute bring new elements to increase the seed production potential, together with a better zoning of species and varieties. Considering the differentiation of some advantages from the point of view of biological traits and first of all the precocity characteristics, it was necessary to improve technological solutions of cultivation of the new varieties according to their characteristics.


The goal:

By multiplying the seeds of these valuable varieties and marketing them, farmers that produce animal fodder will be able to make adequate mixtures of perennial grasses and  forage legumes for establishing the sown grasslands, re-seeding or over-seeding depending on the stationary area conditions, use system and production intensification level .

Also, the perennial grass seed mixtures can be used to restore the degraded lands and the landscape aspect of the areas.