Breeding of perennial grasses and forage legumes

Breeding of perennial grasses and forage legumes

The goal: Realization of new varieties with high production potential, quality and adaptation to different ecological, technological and capitalization conditions, in environmental conditions in a continuous change;


The main  breeding objectives of perennial grass and   forage legumes species are:

* high production and  quality of feed and seed, staggered balanced over the entire vegetation period;

* high palatability and digestibility, high content in soluble carbohydrates and proteins, low content in cell wall constituents;

* suitability to different ways to use: meadow, pasture, silage, turf, mixed, ecological restoration;

* adaptability, high ecological plasticity;

*   resistance to stress factors: diseases, pests,drought, wintering;

* different degrees of precocity, to establish  the  pasture conveyors;

* adequate competitiveness for making simple or complex grassland mixtures;

* high biological  fixation of  atmospheric N.